Friday, 10 June 2011

Asinine Behavior

She was out of town this week, Monday through Thursday, for work. There was no real naughtiness while she was gone, besides some flirting that she told me about when she was back in her hotel room at night and we'd talk on the phone. Just hearing about flirting was enough to excite me.

Not that I could do anything about it, the chastity cage saw to that, something she asks, or pretends to ask-her requests are close to orders in my mind-me to wear from time to time. Especially when she's out of town, like in Dallas, when she knows I'm most likely to want to indulge in self-pleasure. That's when she most wants to deny me, letting the tension build and build until she comes home.

So I cooked her dinner last night while she vented about some problems she had on her trip, a personality conflict with one of her co-workers who started the week by criticizing her for having a glass of wine at dinner, then the next day chastised her for running alone in the morning. He apparently mistook himself for her father or her significant other, it would seem. Trust me, Emily needs no protector. She's a confident, secure, intelligent adult woman. She does not need to be patronized by a co-worker thinking he is her protector.

His asinine behavior came to a head on Wednesday night when he again chastised her for staying out after dinner at a club some people were going to. You're flirting with that guy, he scolded her (harmless flirting, at that.) You're in a relationship, he said.

To which she responded, love her for it, "Yes, Richard, I'm in a relationship. And when I get home I'm going to tell my lover two things. First, what an ass you are. And second, all about the guy I was flirting with. And then we'll have the best sex we had in months."

I almost spit out my mouth full of wine when she told me that. She was behind me, her hand on my hip. And she said, was I right, Sara?

Well, she was right, he is an ass.

And we did have the best sex we had in months. Thanks to a couple of things. My mouth, and the hours I spent licking and kissing and tasting her, and a dildo, and the way she was able fuck herself with it while I licked her clit and she fantasized about the guy she was flirting with.

In the end, I fucked her, too. It wasn't just the dildo. I just fucked her after she'd cum a dozen time from my tongue and the fake cock inside her.

I fucked her after she whispered in my ear, "I'm soaking wet from all his cum, Sara, now I want to feel my sissy inside me."

Luckily I fucked her AFTER she'd cum a dozen times because I was only inside her for maybe twenty seconds. That's all it took for her girl, me, to squirt.

"Such a sissy," she whispered when I exploded, "so pretty, so soft, so small, so quick."

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