Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Sissy Act

The boys of Delta Sigma Nu had their third violation of the Saving Individual Sisters in Sorority Act (the "Sissy" Act) in December, quite unfortunate timing for them, for fraternities were only allowed three strikes per semester.

Too bad for the Nu's that none of them bothered to read the Sissy Act, put off by that stupid name. They probably would have behaved much better at their last open house party if they knew the mandatory punishment for the entire fraternity for a third Sissy Act violation.

You see, they all assumed the worst that would happen is that the fraternity would be on probation for the rest of the semester, two weeks, so who cares.

But the Sissy Act did not work like that. The Sissy act worked on a 3 strikes and you're out system.

No, no, not out of the University.

See, the University President, former Chair of the Women's Studies Department, took a much harsher stance on sexual harassment of women. She was willing to give the fraternities two chances, she wasn't a castrating bitch, but two chances were all.

After that it was out...out of the male gender.

What the Nu boys failed to understand, by failing to read the Sissy Act, was that the penalty for a third violation was mandatory sexual reassignment surgery.

Yes, the boys of Delta Sigma Nu, every last one of them, spent the winter break in the University Medical Center trading their dicks for breasts.

52 fraternity brothers, over the course of four weeks, were turned from testosterone filled young men into pretty sorority girls.

How pretty? Why just look, here come 10 of them now.

Their outfits? Well, the Nu's no longer have Saturday night open house parties where they try to get a bunch of sorority sisters drunk.

No, no, the Nu's now spend their Saturday nights dressed up in pretty costumes, serving as waitresses at sorority parties all over campus.

It's only fair, after all. Harass a woman, spend the rest of your college days as a woman.

Oh, and the best part? The Sissy Act applies only to sorority girls so other fraternities are free to do pretty much what they want to the pretty Nu boys. You can bet all ten of these "girls" will find themselves at some point, on their knees, finding out just how badly they treated women last semester.

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