Friday, 22 October 2010

Morning Discovery

This, something I have not seen since May, was sitting in the middle of Emily's bed this morning when I got out of the shower.

The CB6000S chastity cage.

"Emily," I sighed, looking apprehensively at the device.


"What's that for," I asked. I knew what it was for...the purpose, but why was it out now, today?

"Well, have that thing with Jonathan tonight..."

That thing. A date, at least in his mind. A date with MY girlfriend. A fucking DATE. I said as much to her, fantasy aside, whatever I thought, erotically, about it.

"A thing? A date, you mean."

She didn't answer, just continued to put on her makeup.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you to wear the female equivalent of that?"

"Really," she asked, setting down her makeup brush, looking up at me in the mirror. "Really? That's what you fantasize about, sweetie? That's what you write about on your little blog? A woman in chastity? That's what turns you on?"

I looked down, suddenly ashamed of this...this blog...of discussing my fantasies with her, with sharing, with telling the world.

"Because I thought, Sara, that it turned you on when I flirted."

Turned me on. How was I supposed to deny that...of course it did.

"And I thought, hmmm, if my pretty girl is going to be turned on when I'm at my thing," she did not use the word date, "that I want her turned on and thinking about me all night."

I looked up, looked her in the eye, but said nothing.

"Was I wrong, lover?"

"No," I said softly.

"Then why don't you put that on before you go to work so I can have peace of mind today...this evening. So I can trust you to know..."

Yes, yes, part of my mind knew that was the opposite that it should be.

She was the one with a "thing" tonight.

She was the one with a "date."

She was the one going "out" with a man.

She was the one who was flirting with...danger.

Yet I was the one who needed to be trusted?

Yet I was the one who should be in chastity?


Not her?

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