Monday, 25 October 2010

Working At Home

I'm working at home today. Ahhhh, that means I get to work as Sara!!!


And, I may as well show you what Sara wore today:

First, the Allure garter belt and Coquette sheer bullet bra:

Rago 919 panties (good, um, control for that flat look):

And Cervin 15 denier stockings:

Now, I get to wear the lingerie quite often, even when working as a "boy." But today, I'm a professional woman, so, skirt and blouse :)

I have this Elie Tahari black pencil skirt:

And a cran/red silk blouse:

And heels, of course, how could a girl not wear heels?

There, that's me for the day...time to do some work :)

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