Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Bet

When I got to her house, I found a bustier and panties on a hanger in the hallway, draped over a lap. Next to it were stockings and mule slippers.

"Be at my house at 7, I'm paying off the bet tonight," Emily's text that afternoon had said.


"Yea, seriously, 7 sharp."

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I thought, holy fuck, yes!

The bet was something stupid, almost comical, but I'd won. The stakes? If she won, I had to buy her a case of this wine she really liked.

If I won, I, and I can't believe she agreed, I got a blow job!

Yes, sissy that I am, stood to win a blow job from Emily.

To completion.


I won. I won, I won, I won, I won, yeah me, I WON!

But I still bought her the wine, anyway.

That was a month ago, by the way, my victory.

Do you think the rest of the afternoon was one of my most productive?

Er, no.

"Look in the hallway when you get here, then come find me," Emily's text at 6:45 said.

I was shaking, fucking shaking, the rest of the drive to her house.

There in the hallway was the lingerie. Fuck was it pretty and soft and delicate and tender and I wanted to wear it the instant I saw it.

Her guest room was just off the main hall; that's where I kept my boy things, my suits and other things that I'd leave at her house. The male things. She didn't allow my male things in her room, the things there were my feminine things, Sara's things.

I undressed quickly, the boxes with my self-adhesive breast forms were on the top shelf of the closet in the guest room. Emily had thought of that. She was so sweet like that, so demanding like that.

I dressed, hurried, but careful, shedding my male self adopting my female self, with practiced ease, applied light makeup, tussled my long hair, easily making it look feminine, becoming Sara, living Sara, breathing Sara.

She was waiting for me in her bedroom, the vixen, the temptress, the seductress, the bitch.

She was waiting for me, sitting on the edge of her bed, in black lingerie, looking sinister and expecting and dominant and I suddenly understood that she was going to pay, but pay her way.

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in," she chuckled, crossing her nylon covered legs. "A pretty little sissy for me to play with."

I laughed, an excited, hungry, needy laugh, the laugh of a male, sissy or not, about to get a blow job.

"Do you find this amusing, dear?"

"A little," I admitted, taking a step towards her, my panties at face level.

"Oh, no, no, no, my pet, I'll pay up, but don't you even think that I'm going to get on my knees like a common whore," she scolded me, at the same time carefully humiliating me, reminding me that I spent hours of my life on my knees, serving, licking, worshipping her.

She scooted back on the bed, knelt, patted the spot in front of her. "Here, pet, here, lie here, submit to me."

I did as she asked, no, did as she ordered, the shift was not subtle, it was telling, obvious. I was beneath her, literally, figuratively, I was her pet, I was her sub, I was her prize. She was the top, not me, in many ways, in all ways.

"You know, my pet, it's kind of ironic, that even now, even like this, you're still such a sissy, you're still such a girl, you're still so soft and so sweet and so pretty, even with this," she reached out and touched me through the soft panties, "even with this, even like this," she lowered her voice, almost whispering, barely audible, leaned forward till her mouth was just hovering over me, "you're not a man."

"Oh, fuck, Emily," I shook as she opened her mouth and ran her tongue over the outline in the panties, "oh, fuck, oh fuck."

"That makes it all the better, all the more exciting, all the more pleasurable, doesn't it? It's hardly a blow job because even like this, you're not a man, you're a sissy."She licked again, ran her tongue over the bulge, over the feminized sex, like a clit, not a cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," I bit my lip trying to quite the scream her light movement, her words, her scent caused to form in my throat.

"What's underneath these panties, sissy," she toyed, running her fingernails over me. "Do you have a cock for me to play with? Because all I've been thinking about all day is giving a blow job and feeling a big, thick cock in my mouth."

My mind was struggling, male versus female, masculine or feminine, boy or girl. Emily took the waistband of the panties in her fingers, licked her lips, looked me in the eye.

"I want to taste cock, Sara, I want to taste cock," she hummed as she slowly peeled the panties downward.  "Just like that picture I sent you yesterday, I want to suck cock, I want to suck cock." She finally pulled them down over me and my erection jumped at the freedom and she licked me and ran her tongue from the tip to the base.

"You know, don't you, how badly I want it?"

"Yes," I struggled to stay still, struggled to keep from grabbing her head and forcing it on me, to devour me.

"How badly I want to suck cock?"

"Oh god, fuck, Emily."

"I want to suck cock," she said again as I shook with desire.

"You want it too, don't you sissy?"

"Yes, Em, yes, god, yes."

She licked me again, from the base to the tip, slowly and seductively and cruelly.  Her mouth was poised over the tip, so close, tongue out, so close to taking me.

"Do you know," she licked the tip.

"How much it turns me on," she swirled her tongue around it.

"To hear that you want," she opened her mouth while she looked me in the eyes with my head off the bed, begging her silently to do what she wants to do.

"To suck cock, too," she growled and lowered her head and took me into her mouth which was so wet and so warm and so rare.

"Emily," I huffed and puffed as the current shot through my pelvis outward to my chest and my arms and my legs and I tried to form the words to deny what she said but could not, would not, so distracted and excited and hurt as I was by the very sensation of her mouth on me, taking me, touching me.

"It's so exciting," she swallowed, "to know my sissy," she lapped, "want's to suck, too."

"Emmmmmmmmmm," I shook as waves of pleasure raced through my body.

"To know you want to taste a man."

"Ohhhhhhh," I groaned, trying to, not wanting to, unable to say no.

"To lick a man."


"To taste a man."

I breathed over and over, hyperventilating, struggling, physically, mentally.

"I get so wet, sissy, when I imagine a MAN in my mouth and I get so wet when I know you dream of the same thing, too."

"Uhgh, ugh, ugh," I panted.

"Not yet, Sara," she said and I looked down and realized I was no longer in her mouth, "not yet."

"Please, Emily, fuck, please," I shook, the urge to cum so strong, so strong."

"Hmmm, say it, just once, I want to hear it, just once, please, say it just once."

"Emily, please..."

"Say it, Sara, just once..." Her mouth was poised over the tip again, ready, open, close.


"It makes me so wet..."


"I want to suck cock, Sara," she swirled her mouth on me.

"Oh, fuck, oh fuck."

"Say it, Sara, say it just once."

The thing is that I don't want to suck cock, I never want to suck cock, I DO NOT WANT TO SUCK COCK...

but if there was a man there, just then, just at that moment, i'd open my mouth and stick out my tongue and beg and beg and beg to taste him and lick him and feel him inside me.

"I want to suck cock," I said as softly as I could and she lowered her mouth and took me inside her and let me go again.

"That's a good girl, now say it again."

"I want to suck cock," I said louder and with less conviction but more need and more urgency and more desire.

"That's is sissy," she said and took me into her mouth.

"I want to suck cock."

And she sucked and sucked and....

A great spasm swept over me and I exploded as she had me, the tip of me, held in her mouth, I exploded, cock on her lips and on my lips and in my brain and in her mouth, cock, wrong and forbidden and nothing I EVER wanted to do but admitted I wanted to do and dreamed about and fantasized about pined for and needed and wanted...

And then she was on top of me kissing me, touching me, possessing me and making me taste and eat and swallow everything that came out of me and into her and back into me.

Cock, cock, cock.

Oh, fuck, Emily, fuck.

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