Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Photo Shoot - Now on the Kindle

As a test, a small experiment on how I may release my next story, The Photo Shoot is available for the Kindle from Amazon. I priced it at $2.99 (huge internal debate between $1.99 and $2.99 for a story that is available for free.)

As you see, it has a cover, one I designed myself (like all legitimate, I bought the rights to use the photo).

The link to the book.

It has sold two copies and is currently #117,362 on the Kindle best seller list.

I am writing a story called The Affair and am probably going to release that one as a Kindle only book. 

Why, you may ask? Well, I think I'm a good writer and, as far as transgender erotica, I think I'm a really good writer, one of the better, or at least unique, authors.

And quite frankly, I'd like to make some money for my writing. 

Not all of it, the blog is the blog and I love to write and post things here as well as on fictionmania.

But, I think that some of you would pay a few dollars for a story of mine.

We'll see.

Just a test, just an experiment. 

You don't have to buy The Photo Shoot, that's going to stay available on fictionmania. But if you'd like the Kindle version, please head over there and pick up a copy. 

Regardless, please feel free to leave a review of the book over on Amazon, even if you do not buy a copy.

And let me know here in the comments what you think about publishing a book that way, for this or a future project.

Thanks, loves!

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