Thursday, 9 December 2010

What he said

It was Saturday night last Saturday night and we were in bed and had some wine and we had not seen each other for a week and I missed her and she missed me and we could not keep our hands off one another.

Or our mouth...

Or our tongues...

And Emily knew it and enjoyed it and reveled in it, her power, her beauty, my need, my desire.

And for an hour I kissed her and touched her and licked her and loved her in the way I liked best, as a woman making love to another woman.

But I have needs, too, and as much as I'm a girl I'm also a boy and when I was on top of her, touching her, kissing her, I was drawn and called and pulled by the heat between her legs.

I was between her drawn...drawn...

And it slid against her, across her lips, and they were damp, wet, warm, and drenched.

"Ohhhhh," Emily moaned, shaking as an orgasm washed over her from the only unfeminine thing about me at that moment, "oh Sara."

I pulled back, soaked myself, pulled back and touched her arm and kissed her shoulder and pushed forward and ran it over her wet lips again, finding and touching and rubbing her clit so sensually that she shook and her leg quivered and knocked into the foot board of the bed like a dog scratching it's belly.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned louder and longer and knocked the end of the bed.

I pulled back again and carefully and easily shifted my hips meaning and needing and wanted to do the one boy like thing I could do and wanted to and meant...

"Nooooo," she cooed as she shook and pulsated and shifted her hips so I ran not into her warmth but still only along her and...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just like that, just like that," Emily groaned her eyes rolled back in her head.

I tried once more, pulling and shifting and wanting inside her, for me, for me, for my needs, that part of me that needed those things.

"No, Sara, no," she said again, moving again, denying me again.

"Please," I begged softly, kissing, touching, hoping.

"You want it," she said in a statement of fact of something she knew.

"Yes, please," I repeated my plea, when I could have taken her, I begged.

"No," she laughed as she came as she rubbed me and came.

"Why are you laughing," I snapped at her neck a bite, playful and hungry and urgent.

She looked back over her shoulder and into my eyes, her own shaking like her leg at her own pleasures of touch and scent and sight.

"You're begging like I begged like a girl begs when she needs it and wants it inside her."

"Please Emily," I agreed, begging again.

"Evan," she spoke, the name, the word, the only thing that could send shock waves throughout me of jealousy and excitement and need and terror.

"WHAT?" Evan...Evan...Evan!

"When he was on top of me holding me down with his cock pressed against me, he made me beg to to feel him inside me just like you're begging now."

"Emily, please," I managed to say as the bed and the room spun all around me.

"That's what I said when he was on top of me, Evan, please," she moaned like she did.

I whimpered and drolled and let go of my senses.

"He made me beg, Sara; I never told you, he made me beg."

When, when did he make her beg? Before? When she knew him before? Recently? Sometime I knew not of, or in the Spring, when she...

"Say it, Emily," she said, voice in past tense.

"Please, Emily let me inside you," I groaned, trying again to feel my way in.

"Please, Even, let me feel you inside me," she arched her back and grabbed handfuls of the bed and if I'd not been trying I would have been inside her.

"Emily, please," I begged her to stop and continue and let me inside her.

"You missed it, Emily, that's why you're here, now beg," she said, he said.

"Please let me..." I started but could not finish because she finished for me.

"Please fuck me, Evan, fuck me, fuck me."

She shifted her hips and suddenly I was inside her and it was so wet and warm and inviting and I pushed once and saw stars all around as I lost control as she spoke again.

"And he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me," she said and shook and shuddered as I jerked and exploded and spasmed, "not at all like that, he fucked me and fucked me like only a man can."

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