Monday, 7 March 2011

FOR SALE: A Short Story by Sara

Do you like my writing? Do you wish I'd do something a little different?

I love your writing, but I wish you'd do a scene where...

You all know I have a certain style. And I write about the things I want to write about.

But would you like me to write a story about YOU in a scene where YOU set the parameters?

Oh, would I EVER!

Well, taking inspiration from Susannah Breslin, I've decided to create a custom-made, 1,000-word (or a few hundred words more if the mood strikes) short, short story ("flash fiction") for a special person.

Wait, what's "flash fiction"?

Basically, it's a short short story. Wikipedia says: "Flash fiction is a style of fictional literature of extreme brevity." It's the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am of fiction. This one will be 1,000 words long.

OK, how does this work?

Send me an email describing your short short story idea in 100 words or less. For example: "I would like a story that features me and my wife, where I am dressed like a hooker and eat ice cream all day and I would like the story to end with me bent over a table and screwed silly by a man." 

In your email, include what amount (in dollars) you'd like to pay for the story. At this time, you can send in only one email and only one story idea. 

I decide how much I'll pay for it? Wassup with that?

I thought I'd let the market set the price. Or however a business person would say that. This is an experiment. What's a story written by me, staring you, worth to you? Let's find out!

That's cool. Will you pick my idea?

Out of all the submissions, I will pick only one story to write, for now. I will announce which story I've chosen as soon I chose one (leaving out your name, of course, this is all anon unless you tell me otherwise.) If your story idea is picked, you will receive an email stating that your story has been chosen. (If your story idea is not picked, you will NOT receive an email stating that your story has not been chosen, you'll know because it will be announced on my blog.) We will arrange a payment method (PayPal.) 

After that, I will write a short short story based on your idea. Finally, I will email you the 1,000-word story in PDF document within 3 days. The PDF will include a cover page with a photo (like my Kindle books) with a title and the author (that's me.)

That sounds awesome, but who are you?

I'm an author, blogger, writer, erotic fiction writer, fashion girl who has written some pretty good fiction found on under the name Sara Girl or Sara Desmarais.

Hey, can I read a story you wrote?

Sure. Go read "A Change in Our Marriage" or "The Unexpected Exam" or finally, "The Photo Shoot".

One more question. Who else will read the story?

Not a soul, it is just for you. It will not be published anywhere else. I promise. This is just for the winner, and the winner alone.

Wait, sorry, one more question again. Does this mean I can tell people I wrote this story?

No. I will remain the author of the story. Technically, the copyright of the story will belong to me. Metaphysically, the spirit of the story will belong to you. Any future use of the story must be agreed upon with me prior to usage. The story cannot be resold. It is a special thing and should be treated accordingly. But as I said, I will not post it or publish it or do anything else with it, either. 


*No refunds, revisions, or layaway plans available. 

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