Thursday, 19 May 2011

Half the reason...

Half the reason I want to wear a skirt to the office is because I want that guy I see on the elevator every day, the one that looks a lot like Adam Arkin, to invite me up to his office for coffee and sit me down on his lap and tell me, in a serious, stern voice, that he just absolutely loves pretty sissy girls and wants to hire me as his executive assistant. Yea, half the reason.

Image from: Creative Photography by Geof Kern | Photography Blog


To answer Gordon's question, no I'm not really considering wearing a skirt to work. I'm not coming out of the closet just yet. I do wear lingerie to work every day, though. That said, EVERY morning when I wake up, and I mean every morning, I regret just a little that I can't wear a skirt to work. Sigh. Just the girl part of me wanting her time, too.

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