Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blog Design

I was unhappy with several things in my blog design, so I've been messing around this afternoon. I'd love your thoughts. And sorry, I'm not done tinkering.

I know, I know, I hate change, too.

I made the changes for several reasons:

1. I like the border around each post to set off each post as its own.

2. I can do images side by side much easier. I think that looks more pleasing, visually.

3. I added links to my kindle books. Since google took away my ads, the books are my only revenue source from the blog. I've been too lazy to figure out how to do different ads. Besides, I'm very proud of my books, so I want to feature them.

4. I like the pink color theme. Shocking, I know.

5. I'm messing with fonts. I'm a font snob when I can be. I'm not happy yet with them, so if you have comments on font preferences for blogs, please let me know.

6. I removed my "blogs I follow" section. I'll add them back when I'm done tinkering.


Anon makes a good point about reading blogs on mobile devices. I have not tested the new design on my iPhone or my iPad.

I also share the concerns about pink. Every sissy has pink. That's what originally stopped me from using pink a few years ago. I'm not sure the pink will stay.

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