Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Exam

I cleaned up and published my short story, The Unexpected Exam, as an Amazon Kindle book, now titled simply, The Exam.

The book is available here and is just $0.99

This is NOT an exclusive Kindle only (I've yet to do one of those), because the story is available on Fictionmania. I don't sell enough copies to quit my day job and write erotic transgendered fiction full time, perhaps because none are exclusive yet, but I sell a fair number of copies of my stories.

You may find this odd, endearing, ironic, poetic, or romantic, but I'm saving the proceeds and intend to use them to buy a very special woman a very, very special gift (something measured in carats given upon the asking of a certain question that I plan on spending about $5,000 on. I'm about 35% of my way towards my goal (you do the math.)

This is NOT a request that you buy the stories that are available for free elsewhere, just a report on what I'm doing. Obviously some people like the Kindle books, based on my sales, so I'm telling you this just to let you know.

And yes, it's weird for me to let people know of things I have available for sale. I'm not much of a salesgirl, so it isn't very natural for me. Then again, what the hell, it's a free market and if people are willing to pay, I'm okay with that (and okay if they are not willing to pay, too.)

I was originally hoping to monetize the blog with google ads, but google decided my blog was "mature" thus not worthy of ads. Yea, fuck off, google.

Anyway, love you all.

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