Thursday, 17 February 2011


I would update more but:

1. I am busy, I have a life here at home, even alone, and it has been crazy busy (work, work).

2. She is busy, it isn't all about teasing me, she's training, busy, working.


Sunday, we talked about that for a few.

"You're okay," she asked me.

"Yes, Emily, you know I am."

"You're sure, Sara, really sure? There's a line between fantasy and..."

"Reality. Yes, I know."

"I...I blurred that."

"I know that, too."

"I don't want to...I mean, you're my best friend and lover, Sara."

"Emily, do you know how hot that was?"


"Do you know how badly I wanted cum?"

She giggled. "Yea, I bet, as much as I did, at least. But still, I was, I mean, he was."

"Wait, let me ask, were you all hot and bothered because of him or thinking of me or both?"

"Both, I guess."

"Would you have messed around with him if it wasn't for me?"

Which went to the heart of the question, in my mind.


Which is what I assumed and hoped and thought. "This wasn't about Todd, Emily, right? This was about me, about us?"

"Yes, you know that."

"That's why I'm okay with it, Em, that's what make it so hot. You wanted him, but you didn't want him, you wanted him because he was there and I'm not and I'm here locked up thinking of you..."

"And it gets me so hot thinking about that, Sara."

"I know."

"I was so close to fucking him, Sara."

"I know." I bit my lip, almost unable to say it, not sure if I wanted to, if I should. " can, Emily."

I heard her sharp intake of breath, wondered if she just had an orgasm. Yea, from her lover telling her it was okay to fuck a guy. "I know, Sara. I knew then. I wanted his cock inside me, not just cause it would have felt so good, but I wanted him to fuck me because I knew it would make you feel and that made me so hot."

It was my turn to suck in a breath.

"That makes you hot, doesn't it?"

"Yea," I swallowed.

"Thinking of me like that."

"Yes, Emily, yes, yes."

"I love you, Sara."

And, busy, buys as I was on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, all I could think about, all day, every second, was Emily with a cock inside her, riding, getting fucked, having an orgasm, thinking of me!

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